certified seed

Why plant Certified Seed?

Planting Certified Seed gives your crop the best chance at the highest performance. Certified Seed means better quality, clean, pure seed that comes with a guaranteed quality assurance from the breeder and advanced traits to ensure your seed does everything you want it to. Investing in quality pays off in the end.

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AAC Synergy

  • Higher Yields than AC® Metcalfe and CDC® Copeland
  • Good malt quality, high extract, low beta-glucan and lower protein
  • Excellent reaction to full season fungicide
  • Excellent results in 2016 NDSU state trials
  • Recommended planting: 20 to 22 plants per sq. ft.


  • Bankable bushel weight and kernel size
  • Early maturity - spreading out harvest
  • Best ratings for fusrium
  • Excellent yield capabilities
  • Shorter straw / Good lodging rel. to checks
  • Best ratings for net & spot blotch
  • Only Smooth Awned 2-Row Barley
  • Less harvest sprouting issues
  • Feed mills prefer CONLON




  • InVigor L233P was grown on more acres in Western Canada than any other canola hybrid in 2018
  • Featuring the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology trait, this early-maturing high yielding hybrid provides greater harvest flexibility for growers looking to manage their workload during the busy harvest season


  • InVigor L255PC is a medium-height hybrid with excellent standability and performance
  • The hybrid is well suited for growers in mid- to long-growing zones
  • Separates itself from all others due to its very impressive standability and the benefits of both Pod Shatter Reduction technology and clubroot resistance


  • The latest Evolution hybrid featuring both the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology and new second generation multi-genetic clubroot resistant traits
  • This hybrid offers outstanding yield protection and strong standability similar to InVigor® L233P
  • With a maturity three days earlier than the checks, this hybrid is a great fit for growers in clubroot-affected areas



DKC 33-78

  • Excellent emergence and early season growth
  • Solid agronomics with excellent stalks and standability
  • Very good staygreen and late season plant health
  • Hybrid with top end yield potential
  • Very good tolerance to Goss’s Wilt
  • Performs well across all soil types and yield environments
  • Excellent test weight and drydown

Croplan 2123

  • Excellent yield stability across all environments and strong stress tolerance
  • Excellent root strength with strong stalks and Goss’s wilt tolerance
  • High response to enhanced nitrogen management
  • Keep in relative maturity zone

MZ 1624DBR

  • Strong agronomic package
  • Rapid grain drydown
  • Impressive plant health and intactness



AAC carver

  • Very high yields
  • Suitable for all pea growing areas
  • Large seed size


  • Short strawed, top-of-class lodging resistance
  • Early maturity
  • High yields
  • Competitive disease package
  • Large seed size


  • Industry Standard
  • Very Good Lodging Resistance
  • R to Powdery Mildew



NSC Sperling

  • High-performing variety for longer growing season in Manitoba
  • Outstanding yield potential
  • Fast emergence
  • Broadly adapted across various soils and yield environments
  • Very strong IDC rating
  • Good stress and drought tolerance

NSC Jordan

  • Exceptional yield potential
  • Top yielder in the long-season zone
  • Very tall, with excellent pod height off the ground
  • Branchy growth habit suitable for wide row spacing up to 30″
  • Full-season variety with an excellent disease package

NSC Gladstone

  • Excellent early variety for growers with planters
  • Dual-purpose variety that performs very well as a solid-seeded stand or in rows 20″ apart and greater
  • Plants grow aggressively with substantial branching and big beans which lead to high yields for its maturity
  • Tall plant closes canopy very quickly which may reduce the need for a final glyphosate application



AAC Brandon

  • Grain yield 105% of AC® Carberry, over all sites in 2009 to 2011 Coop Registration trials
  • Height 1 cm shorter than AC Carberry
  • Lodging resistance similar to AC Carberry (slightly weaker)
  • Good leaf and stem rust resistance
  • Good stripe rust resistance (2 years data)
  • “Good” rating for fusarium head blight resistance
  • Large seed size, similar to Superb
  • ½ day earlier maturing compared to AC Carberry

AAC Viewfield

  • Top of class in standability, easy to harvest
  • Semi-dwarf and shortest CWRS available
  • Very high yielding; up to 109%* of the check
  • Intermediate to FHB; a strong base for a fusarium IPM system
  • Good sprouting resistance for high grain quality


  • New genetic parentage to the class
  • High yield potential
  • Improved marketing ability
  • Strong disease resistance


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