Friesen Seeds Ltd. is an independent seed company located in the Red River Valley just outside Rosenort, MB. Friesen Seeds specializes in certified seed retail, seed processing, and seed treatment. Friesen Seeds handles both cereals and soybean seed and adheres to CFIA and CSA regulations.


The company began humbly in 1956 with brothers, Jake and Ben, later joined by a third brother, Frank. They started cleaning and processing seed out of an old barn building on the farmyard. After a few moves and upgrades throughout the years, 1986 saw Friesen Seeds build a 70- by 100-foot building to keep up with the growing needs of the company. By 2000, the old building had been outgrown, and a brand-new seed plant was built for the seed cleaning operation, followed by expanded office space in 2002.

In 2016, an optical sorter was installed along with new indent machines and other upgrades to increase capacity, efficiency, and improve quality standards. Friesen Seeds Ltd. continues to offer superior conditioning and processing of pedigreed seed along with seed treating, bagging, and warehousing of bulk commodities.



Friesen Seeds Ltd. is a trusted partner of GJ Chemical, Dale Air Services, MK Agro, and SJ Agronomy. They all share the same community values that keep southern Manitoba united and strong.